Wrangler’s campaign “Men’s solution for Jeans”

15 May

These spots are part of Wrangler’s campaign “Men’s solution for Jeans”, where we were given these fun scripts with new interpretations of the
campaign performed excellently by our main character Hector.

Estos spots forman parte de la campaña de Wrangler “Men’s solution for Jeans”, nos dieron estos divertidos scripts con nuevas interpretaciones de la campaña protagonizada excelentemente por nuestro personaje principal Héctor.

Buenos Aires based PUNGA is recognized as one of the most innovative animation/branding studios in the world.


2 Responses to “Wrangler’s campaign “Men’s solution for Jeans””

  1. no importa May 16, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    Really nice! Especially the sound in the background. Shopping mall / elevator sounds, and the cockroach is really cute 🙂

    • chucuta May 16, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

      Oh yes! When the cockroach takes a look at the empty fridge I couldn’t help thinking “oh poor little thing!” or “pobreciiiiitoooo!” 🙂

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