Dunst’s finest role?

19 May

Somebody already made GIFs of Kirsten Dunst reacting to Lars Von Trier speech, the second one it’s my favorite:


“I doubt I’ll see anything I love as much as the video of Lars Von Trier declaring his Nazi sympathy at Cannes for the rest of the month. Make no mistake: I’m not impressed by the director’s provocation or lack of political correctness. Even though he apologized, I think joking about understanding any mass murderer, let alone one on Hitler’s level, is grossly disrespectful. No, the real star of the clip is Kirsten Dunst whose media-trained world is clearly turned upside down as she sits next to a public figure who says shit you’re not supposed to say as a public figure. Watching her negotiate her reality with what’s happening next to her is an extremely tense, wholly human experience. I salute her squirming as Von Trier dug his hole deeper and deeper in the way I love best — a gif wall. This is no mere wall of shame: it’s one of mortification.”




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