Mykea – Pimp your IKEA furniture!

22 Jun

To walk through an IKEA store means browsing the mass quantities of furniture, rugs, lamps and every other household item imaginable with one hand holding their $1 frozen yogurt cone and the other, a plate of Swedish meatballs. Since it gets a good and bad rap for being both affordable and yet incredibly plain, a small creative company that goes by the name Mykea has come up with an Ikea-inspired idea.

An Inexpensive Way to Customize IKEA Furniture

The way it works is this: First, you choose your favorite piece of Ikea furniture. Some of the most popular items are listed on their website (but other requests can be fulfilled) and they include: Malm bed, Billy bookcase, Expedit bookcase, Expedit coffee table, Malm dresser, Lack coffee table, and Pax wardrobe.

Next, choose your favorite design of dozens and dozens that people just like you, who appreciate spicing their home up with more than a scented candle, have created for Mykea. When I checked out the page last, you have your choice of up to 53 different patterns and illustrations, as well as solid colors. So in other words, you tell them which standard piece you’ve chosen from the IKEA furniture superstore, and they’ll equip you with the custom-cut design that will make it stand out from the pack.
To apply the designs, all you need are household items. It will be shipped to you in a cylindrical container. All you have to do is apply soapy water to the surface of your bookshelf backing, wardrobe doors, coffee table surface, dresser drawers or bed frame and carefully stick on the appropriate design. Smoothing with a spatula of any kind, it’s a no-frills way to achieving beautiful furniture. The cost of a Mykea design depends on the design itself. Some are larger, and more detailed, others are smaller and appear to be a black and illustration, not to mention the abstract, colorful designs in between.
Celebrate to the tune of the Mykea motto and just say NO to NAKED furniture!

Für alle die mit IKEA Möbeln nie so wirklich was anfangen konnten, weil’s Massenware ist oder weil es sie immer nur in den gleichen Farben gibt, denen wird jetzt geholfen.
Mykea ist eine Website die, die Möglichkeit bietet bestimmte IKEA Stücke mit Hilfe von Designfolien, so genannten Decals auf zu hübschen. Also verpasst eurem ‘Hemnes’, ‘Pax’ oder ‘Billy’ einen neuen Look!

Here some Mykea products:

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  • Mykea Online Shop
  • Ikea Hackers: “We just can’t leave IKEA alone, can we? We hack, personalise, repurpose IKEA products into the very thing we want. And we love sharing our creation with others. If you have an IKEA hack, we would love to see it. “

To have an idea of what the ikea worldwide hackers can do, take a look at The Best Hack of 2010. Here are some awesome furniture modifications that I found there:

Meddling with Melodi
Materials: Melodi pendant lamp
Hydrangea Girl, Ireland

Bedroom dress boys
Materials: Two Bertil chairs, cleat, glue, screws, drill, circular saw, paint.
G.V.M., The Netherlands

Spring Back Banker’s Chair
Materials: 4 laminate bent Ikea legs and two seats from antique banker’s chairs
Andrew Riiska, Los Angeles

Lack bench/lounger
Materials: Lack coffee tables
Charles Crawford, San Diego


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