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Josh Cochran – Illustration

31 Jul
Calender image based on the amazing Radiolab episode on the chimpanzee. Raised in captivity. Listen to it streaming here
For an article about the benefits of canadian pension plans. Includes bearded men in overalls. For SooJin Buzelli.
Portrait of Richard Gordon. Horror film producer.
Personal project based on the 1985 Challenger space shuttle disaster. Desktop wallpaper download here.
Book covers and interior illustrations for the series, “Mysteries Unwrapped!”.  Children’s (Preteen) books ranging in topics from mythological creatures,
the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, lost civilizations and Alcatraz.

100 cars of various makes and models in different situations on the streets of Moscow.

A series of images in collaboration with Flavorpill and Budweiser Select.
Brian Hunter, a top trader for Amaranth is blamed for destroying an $8 billion hedge fund. Hunter is now in the middle of a big war between the FERC and CFTC for control of regulation of the natural gas trading market. Basically, guy siphoning some gas…

More about Josh Cochran:
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • URL:
  • Twitter: @joshjcochran
  • Working from an old pencil factory in Brooklyn, New York, Josh Cochran has illustrated for The New York Times, Dubai Metro, Criterion Collection, Herman Miller, Facebook and Pepsi. In 2009, Josh was recognized by Print Magazine’s 20 under 30: New Visual Artists feature, and received the Young Guns award from the Art Directors Club. He currently teaches illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

Mike Guppy – Selected

31 Jul

With a degree in graphic design from Camberwell College of Arts in London, Mike Guppy is interested in science and technology.  For him, the web is a perfect example of how technology is transforming society. His work is a kind of research, he examines how we interact with the web. In a playful approach, he offers this series of animated GIFs , where you can see famous paintings in which the main characters have been deleted but appear as “selected”.

Selected012 Mike Guppy: Selected

Selected02 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected03 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected05 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected04 Mike Guppy: Selected


Beck Photographs Collected in New Book

28 Jul

On November 9, Chronicle Books will publish Beck, a book of photos of the titular shaggy alt star taken by the photographer Autumn de Wilde. As de Wilde points out on her Tumblr, the tome collects 16 years of documentary and portrait work that she has done with Beck. Director Michel Gondry wrote the foreword.


Echo: Morrissey

28 Jul

Echo Chamber: Morrissey

“We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Shit every day.”

— Morrissey, on stage in Warsaw, before playing “Meat Is Murder”, July 24.

Still a little blue…

28 Jul

A little bit of fan art to farewell Amy Winehouse

25 Jul

by Allan Burch

by ilustract

by madalogo

by Alejandra L Manriquez

by Matt Oxborrow

by Rosie Geissler

by Marcus Reed

by Kaesthetics

by Barry Bruner

by Lauren Wells

by Roger Cardiff

by Luciana Abrão

by Stefana Argirova
by Sabine Kernbichler

by diysid77

by scott-forbes

by Mel Stringer

by Clay Rodery

by lilacluna

by pmpinto

by MDinnerParty723

by aplicarte

by Eliza Goldman

by DeftLeftHand

by SeriousBreakfastTime

by Sandra V. Z.

by emma143

by PrincessLana

by onehappykarla

by Maamouuur

by crymz

by adamblakemore

by Gnomesrock

by vistaguzza

by edwardfrayna

by likeabalalaika

by TerryBlas

by bore-dom

by Ttoyosato

by KirakishouRose

by GuidoDeSousa

by kittyfoo

by Raphaelaj

by cvdaramc

by DixieLeota

by ldevitte

by gabrio76

by angieramone

by Manguinha

by greatwhitey

by shastx

by sellyourselfshort

by Leetastrophy

by Sophja

by RioghnachsReign

Amy Winehouse

Founded here

by zecorodrigues

by Gabriel Fraga

by Taylor Jones

by Garrincha

Meet me in tomorrow!

23 Jul

Buck – Umbro Blackout

22 Jul

The latest hand drawn viral spot from the Buck studio, created for sportswear apparel maker Umbro to promote their “Blackout” collection. It features New York Cosmos player Carlos Alberto Torres as narrator, telling the story of how the first day he arrived in the states to sign his contract with the soccer team.


Directed by: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Associate Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Lead Designer: Chris Neal
Art Direction: Thomas Schmid
Storyboards: Thomas Schmid
Producer: Melissa Johnson
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Animation Lead: William Trebutien
Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman, Thomas Schmid, Maceo Frost, Efrain Clintron
2D Animation: Justin Lawes
3D Animation: Chris Phillips, Andreas Berglund
Lead Compositor: Seth Ricart
Editor: Conrad Otswald

Infographic – Is There Alien Life Out There… on Earth?

22 Jul

Forget about extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. What about here on Earth? Here’s a look at what people in different countries believe about the possibility of aliens walking among us.

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media.


Ham Sandwich – Ride A White Horse (Goldfrapp cover)

20 Jul

This is by far the best cover of this song I have heard. Love the natural feel of the acoustic instruments and of course, her voice ist just fantastic.

(Ham Sandwich live at Tower Records, Dublin for the launch of State Magazine.)

More Ham Sandwich here: