Josh Cochran – Illustration

31 Jul
Calender image based on the amazing Radiolab episode on the chimpanzee. Raised in captivity. Listen to it streaming here
For an article about the benefits of canadian pension plans. Includes bearded men in overalls. For SooJin Buzelli.
Portrait of Richard Gordon. Horror film producer.
Personal project based on the 1985 Challenger space shuttle disaster. Desktop wallpaper download here.
Book covers and interior illustrations for the series, “Mysteries Unwrapped!”.  Children’s (Preteen) books ranging in topics from mythological creatures,
the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, lost civilizations and Alcatraz.

100 cars of various makes and models in different situations on the streets of Moscow.

A series of images in collaboration with Flavorpill and Budweiser Select.
Brian Hunter, a top trader for Amaranth is blamed for destroying an $8 billion hedge fund. Hunter is now in the middle of a big war between the FERC and CFTC for control of regulation of the natural gas trading market. Basically, guy siphoning some gas…

More about Josh Cochran:
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • URL:
  • Twitter: @joshjcochran
  • Working from an old pencil factory in Brooklyn, New York, Josh Cochran has illustrated for The New York Times, Dubai Metro, Criterion Collection, Herman Miller, Facebook and Pepsi. In 2009, Josh was recognized by Print Magazine’s 20 under 30: New Visual Artists feature, and received the Young Guns award from the Art Directors Club. He currently teaches illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

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