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Can Facebook Affect Your College Admission?

15 Aug

As everyone knows Facebook is virtually in everything these days, even making it’s way into college admissions. In fact 80% of America’s top colleges are using social media as a form of recruitment. No longer is it simply the achievements you have received in high school that are looked at by colleges, but your Facebook profile is as well. Universities state that the Facebook profile is in a medium to high range of priority in evaluating a candidate for their school.



TBWA – SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) – Human after all

15 Aug

“A sex worker by any other name is still human. Respect their human rights.”


Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris\Cape town, South Africa
Creative Director: Liezl-Mari Long
Art Director: Siraaj Petersen
Copywriter: Keenon Daniels
Illustrator: Sarah Corder
Production: Tina Southgate, Robert George
Published: March 2011

Oscar Delmar – Movie Posters

15 Aug

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Borja Bonaque – Animal Agency

15 Aug

Beautiful illustrations and business card design by Borja Bonaque for Animal Agency. Albert Hanks, Clara Olavarría and Paul Rosenberg are Animal Agency, a branding and advertising studio based in New York.

More about Borja Bonaque:

  • Valencia ( Spain ) born Borja Bonaque developes a personal and remarcable body of work.  He has produced artwork for companies such us Elwood, Financial Times, Wallpaper, Zoo York, New Scientist, Rioja Wines, Bancaja, House & Garden or Wired Magazine. His work has been published in Germany, United States, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Singapure.
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