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Buck – Umbro Blackout

22 Jul

The latest hand drawn viral spot from the Buck studio, created for sportswear apparel maker Umbro to promote their “Blackout” collection. It features New York Cosmos player Carlos Alberto Torres as narrator, telling the story of how the first day he arrived in the states to sign his contract with the soccer team.


Directed by: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Associate Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Lead Designer: Chris Neal
Art Direction: Thomas Schmid
Storyboards: Thomas Schmid
Producer: Melissa Johnson
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Animation Lead: William Trebutien
Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman, Thomas Schmid, Maceo Frost, Efrain Clintron
2D Animation: Justin Lawes
3D Animation: Chris Phillips, Andreas Berglund
Lead Compositor: Seth Ricart
Editor: Conrad Otswald


Studio Killers – Ode to the Bouncer

19 Jul

The lovely animator/illustrator Eve Wineberg introduced me to the Studio Killers a couple weeks ago. I’ve been loving the provocative elements, mix of cg and traditional animation.
A Denmark/UK trio recently released the a teaser music video for their upcoming debut album. Already it’s started a buzz on the interwebs—partly due to the elusive air about them.

From what I’ve gathered, the Studio Killers are a female trio, Cherry (vocals) Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink. Note these are aliases. The actual artists don’t prefer the spotlight (or perhaps it’s PR) and hired a animation/design shop to create avatars, giuving them a kind of Gorillaz front. I could continue to prattle on about this, but go ahead and check it out for yourself.



More Videos:

More about Studio Killers:

Electro-pop, house
Cherry, Goldie Foxx, Dyna Mink
London & Hawaii
Studio Killers Records
Studio Killers. No one knows where they came from; one day they were just here staring back at us through our high definition flat screens. They are however an electronic music collective comprised of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink
Aktueller Wohnort
Our Lair in East London
Bipolar Bear
Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Nile Rogers & Bernard Edwards, Vince Clarke, Jam & Lewis, Daft Punk, Wolfgang Gartner, Abba, Deadmau5, Stuart Price, Trevor Horn & A-ha
Interessen der Band
Hunting & Phishing


Juan Delcan – La verdad (Chilevision)

25 Jun

“La verdad” is an animation commissioned by The Chilenian TV Network Chilevision. The Chilean network wanted to promote “the channel’s approach of respecting all people, without judgment and reporting clear unbiased truth. Directed by Juan Delcan, this animation won the prize Asifa 2011.

You have to see this one! (If you don’t understand spanish, then here’s a version with English subtitles!)


Production Company: Nola Pictures
Director: Juan Delcan
Design & Animation: Juan Delcan, Arthur Metcalf, Peter Ahern, Toni Tysen, Celia Bullwinkel, Jake Armstrong
EPs: Charlie Curran, Ximena Cano
Producer: JJ Wilmoth
Agency: 180 Grados, Chile
Creative Directors: Sergio Gamboa, Joacim Montaner

More from Juan Delcan:

A Love Story… In Milk

10 Jun

Made by Catsnake  on commission from Friends of the Earth .
Written and produced by Stephen Follows
Directed and edited by Danann Breathnach
Music composed by Michael Csanyi Wills

The original romance here:

Goldfish – We Come Together

25 May


‘We Come Together’ written and performed by Dominic Peters, David Poole and Sakhile Moleshe

Dominic Peters – double bass, keyboards,synths, groovebox & programming

David Poole – tenor and soprano sax, samplers, effects, mixing, production & engineering.

Sakhile Moleshe – vocals

A film by: Mike Scott

Pixel Artists:
Carl Douglas – USA
Francis Coulombe – Canada
Emir Cuk – Germany
Shane Gill – UK
Max “Geti” Cahill – Australia
Nic Hooper – South Africa
Velumani M – India
Henrico Djiuardi – Australia
Pixel 600MG – Spain
Jeff Cardinal – USA
Raquel Jaramago – Spain
Tyvon J. Thomas – USA
Clest Elnith – Brazil
Cocefi – Malaysia

3D voxel club scene:
Tim Wesoly, Germany – Design, modeling & animation
Chris Lutz-Weicken, Germany – Dynamics, lighting, rendering & compositing
Rendered at ‘Macina Digital Film’
Voxel scenery and characters made with ‘Qubicle Constructor’

Clay Animation: Stuart Coutts – South Africa

Chiptune Music: The Kiffness – South Africa​thekiffness

Post-Production Colour Correction:
FrameShuffle VFX
Rafael Emídio – VFX producer
Braam Jordaan – VFX supervisor


Making of:

Eric Power & Jeremy Messersmith

18 May

I just love this team!

Eric Power is an animator based out of Austin Texas specializing in animated music videos in a wide variety of animation styles.

Jeremy Messersmith is an indie songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wrangler’s campaign “Men’s solution for Jeans”

15 May

These spots are part of Wrangler’s campaign “Men’s solution for Jeans”, where we were given these fun scripts with new interpretations of the
campaign performed excellently by our main character Hector.

Estos spots forman parte de la campaña de Wrangler “Men’s solution for Jeans”, nos dieron estos divertidos scripts con nuevas interpretaciones de la campaña protagonizada excelentemente por nuestro personaje principal Héctor.

Buenos Aires based PUNGA is recognized as one of the most innovative animation/branding studios in the world.

What a Chick!

11 May

Michal Socha (aka Mayki , born in 1981) – Director, Graphic Desiger, and Animation Artist. Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. He received an honorable mention from the dean of the Academy. He directed and animated shorts such us: “The Concert”, “Odlot”. He specializes in animation and special effects for commercial and TV productions. At the moment he has completed work on his next animated film entitled “Chick”.