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Dark Fiddler – The Life and Legend of Nikolo Paganini

4 Sep

Illustrations by Gary Kelley

Texts by Aaron Frisch



Mike Guppy – Selected

31 Jul

With a degree in graphic design from Camberwell College of Arts in London, Mike Guppy is interested in science and technology.  For him, the web is a perfect example of how technology is transforming society. His work is a kind of research, he examines how we interact with the web. In a playful approach, he offers this series of animated GIFs , where you can see famous paintings in which the main characters have been deleted but appear as “selected”.

Selected012 Mike Guppy: Selected

Selected02 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected03 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected05 Mike Guppy: SelectedSelected04 Mike Guppy: Selected


Frederick McSwain – Tobi Wong Portrait with 13.138 Dice

30 Jun

Making of:

A time lapse film by Stephen Dirkes for core77 of Frederick McSwain’s, “DIE” installation at Gallery R Pure “Broken Off Broken Off” group show in memorium to Tobias Wong for NY Design Week 2011. Music by Twi the Humble Feather.

obscure object films
NYC 2011


More about:

AJ Fosik – Count Back from Nothing

28 Jun

AJ Fosik was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and currently based in Portland, OR. Fosik received a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York. His artwork explores the powerful medium of language and metaphor to emphasize narrative and interpretation. Using wood and found materials, he creates figural, eclectic and intricately designed three-dimensional pieces that intrigue and provoke. Fosik’s animal subjects and anthropomorphized beings are built using a complex process in which each form is carefully handcrafted by arranging hundreds of pieces of individually cut and varnished wood, which the artist paints in vibrant colors and patterns. Sharp teeth, claws, and eyes emerge once the creatures are completed—either constructed as freestanding forms or wall-mounted pieces, referencing modern taxidermy practices. Evocative of American Folk Art, the work is often inspired by subversive cultural influences that shift complacency. Fosik creates work which suspends comfort with the appeal of familiar symbols and images. In this dynamic tension, the art and the viewer come together in an expanded definition of culture and assumption.



Ursine Brawl


Thaumaturgic Bull


Being in so far as being goes


Self Portratit




One Hundred Percent Savage


As Good as Any God


Embracing Stochasticity


Hammer I miss U


The Third Way Out


In the Teeth of Stupefying Odds


Dare Nothing, Hope for Nothing


The Time & The Way


Idol for the Absurd

More About AJ Fosik:

Bear Study Life Size

Berto Martinez – Tosca

15 Jun

Illustrations for the program of the Giacomo Puccini´s “TOSCA” in collaboration with Bayerische Staatsoper. A free and contemporary recreation of the third act of “Tosca” and a little tribute to four great divas: Sarah Bernhardt, Maria Callas, Ana Magnani and Karita Mattila.

More about:

Berto Martinez's Profile Image

Berto Martinez

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain


Piped Music:

Ai Weiwei “Fuck Everything” Paper Glasses

11 Jun

In support of the current unfortunate events revolving Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Aram Bartholl has converted his “First Person Shooter” paper glasses into “Fuck Everything” glasses. The shades are pretty much available to anyone that has paper and a printer. Simply download the PDF here, print them out and cut them out.


More (German):

“Sie sperren die Menschen für viele Jahre ins Gefängnis. Sie verschwinden einfach”: Kurz vor seiner Festnahme gab der regimekritische chinesische Künstler Ai Weiwei dieses letzte Interview.

Tim Burton Retrospective @ LACMA

11 Jun

Over the years, movie director Tim Burton has reinvented filmmaking in Hollywood. Taking inspiration from pop culture, fairy tales and gothic tradition, he has incorporated these elements into his work as an expression of his own personal vision and developed a unique new genre in the process. A brand new retrospective exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art explores the full range of Burton’s creative work, not only as a film director, but also as an artist, illustrator, photographer and writer. The exhibition will contain a wide range of objects borrowed from various studio archives and private collections including more than 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, storyboards, costumes and other objects. The retrospective is scheduled to be on display from May 29 through October 31, 2011.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States

Photography: Brandon Shigeta



MoMA | Interactives | Exhibitions: Tim Burton

Tim Burton MoMA Spot

Tim Burton at MoMA: Behind the Scenes

Lacma Exhibition Info

Lacma “Share your Burtonesque Art” Group in flickr. (Great idea!)

Here you can find a critic of the exhibition:

Tim Burton at Moma: not quite a wonderland

“The Museum of Modern Art’s show of the Alice in Wonderland film-maker’s art overflows with his distinctive creations, but the organisers have wasted an opportunity to take him out of his rabbit hole…”

Barcelona / Things I like – Gaudí’s Park Güell Mosaics or Trencadís (Wallpapers maybe?)

9 Jun

The last week I have no time at all for the blog ’cause I was on vacation. But now I’m back, nearly 10 kg clothes are clean again, my feet don’t hurt anymore and my plants celebrate that they receive water on a -more or less- regular basis… That is to say that, little by little I will be posting photos of a couple of things that I like about the city. Today let’s begin with Gaudi’s and his lovely Park Güell Trencadís!

Nick Gentry – Art on Floppy Disks

25 May

More Paintings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Nick Gentry is a British graduate of Central St Martins.


Even more here:

Indigits | Interview
Juxtapoz | Interview

Dunst’s finest role?

19 May

Somebody already made GIFs of Kirsten Dunst reacting to Lars Von Trier speech, the second one it’s my favorite:


“I doubt I’ll see anything I love as much as the video of Lars Von Trier declaring his Nazi sympathy at Cannes for the rest of the month. Make no mistake: I’m not impressed by the director’s provocation or lack of political correctness. Even though he apologized, I think joking about understanding any mass murderer, let alone one on Hitler’s level, is grossly disrespectful. No, the real star of the clip is Kirsten Dunst whose media-trained world is clearly turned upside down as she sits next to a public figure who says shit you’re not supposed to say as a public figure. Watching her negotiate her reality with what’s happening next to her is an extremely tense, wholly human experience. I salute her squirming as Von Trier dug his hole deeper and deeper in the way I love best — a gif wall. This is no mere wall of shame: it’s one of mortification.”