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Nice Youtube Discoveries 3 – Den Andre Er Meg ( Kaizer’s Orchestra Cover)

7 Sep

I could hear this cover all day long and never get tired of it! The voices are so beauty… (sigh). Please listen to this duet:

I just hope the both of them keep posting!

More about

Ansjosen  (based in Norwegen)

Emma (based in Niederlande)


Ham Sandwich – Ride A White Horse (Goldfrapp cover)

20 Jul

This is by far the best cover of this song I have heard. Love the natural feel of the acoustic instruments and of course, her voice ist just fantastic.

(Ham Sandwich live at Tower Records, Dublin for the launch of State Magazine.)


More Ham Sandwich here:

Nice Youtube Discoveries 1 – Julia Nunes

20 May

Julia Nunes, her covers and also her own music,  fits absolutly under the categorie “natural and pure good vibe”.  Save the link for a rainy day!

More at www.junumusic.com