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Nice Youtube Discoveries 3 – Den Andre Er Meg ( Kaizer’s Orchestra Cover)

7 Sep

I could hear this cover all day long and never get tired of it! The voices are so beauty… (sigh). Please listen to this duet:

I just hope the both of them keep posting!

More about

Ansjosen  (based in Norwegen)

Emma (based in Niederlande)


Internet Vices

18 Jul

Andrea vascellari, ceo von ivite, hat sich mal ein paar gedanken über unsere internet-laster gemacht und die youtube’s, tumblr’s, facebook’s etc. dieser welt, auf denen wir uns mittlerweile täglich stundenlang tummeln in illustrationen festgehalten, indenen er deren wirkung auf/mit uns mit drogen vergleicht…natürlich mit einem augenzwinkern, jedoch nicht ganz ohne ein fünkchen wahrheit…


Your Professor Tweets More Than You

30 Jun

How many of y’all are friends with your professors on facebook? I have friended a couple of my past teachers, but not very many. I feel that the learning community didn’t really know to jump into the social media wave, but they ultimately went for it. Over 90% of college faculty engages with social media compared to less than 50% of other professionals. Those in higher education seem to care less if students know about their real life as to someone with a business client.

I’ve heard that employers and universities will look up applicants on facebook or twitter to see what they are like when they aren’t in an interview. As much as it is creepy, sometimes having a company see that you will fit its culture from your twitter is a good thing.

In my opinion professionals will gradually enter the social media world. Most start-ups and technology companies encourage their employees to have a twitter. This way customers believe they are creating a relationship with the companies through social media outlets. All organizations know the key to repeat customers is post-purchase interaction.


Nice Youtube Discoveries 2 – Misspopanoche & Shuie

24 May

A very original country-style cover from Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”. Amazing voice and excellent execution!


Bandmitglieder: Misspopanoche (Sonya ?) & Shuie
A couple based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

More here: Misspopanoche’s Youtube Channel

Nice Youtube Discoveries 1 – Julia Nunes

20 May

Julia Nunes, her covers and also her own music,  fits absolutly under the categorie “natural and pure good vibe”.  Save the link for a rainy day!

More at www.junumusic.com

Everything Ages Fast…

26 Apr

Gorgeous ads done by Moma Propaganda, an advertising agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They created them for their client Maximidia Seminars as part of a campaign titled “Everything Ages Fast.”

Check the Moma website, it’s awesome!

Piped Music: