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Jennifer Daniel

19 Jul




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David Oziel – Little Mexico in Beijing

17 Jun
Fogoncito, a Mexican franchise, opened its second branch in Beijing, China, showing the growing taste for different foods. Almost 200 people a day visit Fogoncito to eat “exotic dishes” like tacos and enjoy the music of Mariachi.

Although such musical groups usually consists of at least three violines, two trumpets, one Mexican guitar and one vihuela (high pitched guitar) one guitarron (acoustic bass) and sometimes a harp, Fogoncito provides a small sample of that with three musicians.  Nevertheless, the Mariachi do dress the part in their silver studded charro outfits and wide brimmed hats. And, they can belt out a song.

This trio is learning how to survive-Beijing style.As China economically integrates with the rest of the world, Mexico products are making inlays. Products such as Bimbo bread are lined on the shopping shelves.

Ai Weiwei “Fuck Everything” Paper Glasses

11 Jun

In support of the current unfortunate events revolving Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Aram Bartholl has converted his “First Person Shooter” paper glasses into “Fuck Everything” glasses. The shades are pretty much available to anyone that has paper and a printer. Simply download the PDF here, print them out and cut them out.


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“Sie sperren die Menschen für viele Jahre ins Gefängnis. Sie verschwinden einfach”: Kurz vor seiner Festnahme gab der regimekritische chinesische Künstler Ai Weiwei dieses letzte Interview.