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Oscar Delmar – Movie Posters

15 Aug

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Borja Bonaque – Animal Agency

15 Aug

Beautiful illustrations and business card design by Borja Bonaque for Animal Agency. Albert Hanks, Clara Olavarría and Paul Rosenberg are Animal Agency, a branding and advertising studio based in New York.




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  • Valencia ( Spain ) born Borja Bonaque developes a personal and remarcable body of work.  He has produced artwork for companies such us Elwood, Financial Times, Wallpaper, Zoo York, New Scientist, Rioja Wines, Bancaja, House & Garden or Wired Magazine. His work has been published in Germany, United States, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Singapure.
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  • www.borjabonaque.com

Hexagonall – Harry Postters

19 Jul

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CranioDsgn – No More Fukushima!

30 Jun
Illustration for SantaGràfics.

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El Cangrejo – L’equip petit (Margatania F.C.)

23 Jun

Hi everybody and thanks a lot for all your kind words. L’equip petit is really as little as the kids of Margatania F.C.
In fact, this is not the final project, we hope to be with the team next year shooting during all the championship.

This short was originally a demo to show the fathers and mothers of the kids and our closed friends. This isn’t a video made with commercial purposes…

It’s so beautiful that I almost cry watching the video.  The little ones really made my day.  I would love to be there the day they score…  and I’m already waiting for the video.  Arriba Margatania F.C.! Son unos gigantes! Keep on smiling!

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Barcelona / Things I like – Gaudí’s Park Güell Mosaics or Trencadís (Wallpapers maybe?)

9 Jun

The last week I have no time at all for the blog ’cause I was on vacation. But now I’m back, nearly 10 kg clothes are clean again, my feet don’t hurt anymore and my plants celebrate that they receive water on a -more or less- regular basis… That is to say that, little by little I will be posting photos of a couple of things that I like about the city. Today let’s begin with Gaudi’s and his lovely Park Güell Trencadís!